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Welcome to the Brutiiful Games official site. Careful, the paint may still be a little bit wet.


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Get In Line

As a ride attendant, attempt to keep customer satisfaction high as you race against the clock to seat each group comfortably on a variety of different amusement park rides.


A competitive card game where players plant and manipulate evidence to frame their opponents and maintain their own credibility.

2-4 players.



Owner / Creative Director

As creative director for Brutiful Games, Chris supplies direction for ongoing projects as well as prototype development for future games. While playing games got him into game development, he can't tell which activity entertains him most. Whether its working in Unity or playing an RPG or FPS, he's equally likely to be doing either at three in the morning.

Favorite Games
Fable Series · Halo Series · Borderlands Series
Minecraft · All Supergiant Games Titles


Game / UI Designer

As a game and UI designer at Brutiful Games, Lauren loves user experience psychology and understanding how players interact with games. She uses this knowledge to create seemless and smooth game experiences that are both intuitive and enjoyable. In her down time, she is always watching The Office and only leaves home to dance.

Favorite Games
Mass Effect Series · Fallout Series · Borderlands Series
Animal Crossing: New Horizons · The Witcher Series



As a programmer at Brutiful Games, Kit is the one that chants spells to the sprites, sound and gameplay to make them disappear and become a game. When he's not coding his own games, he usually is playing others. His favorite genres are Action, Platformer/Puzzle and RPGs.

Favorite Games
God of War (2018) · Uncharted Series
The Last of Us · Devil May Cry Series · Golden Sun Series


3D Animator

As 3D animator for Brutiful Games, Jaad keeps the characters alive and the in-game worlds moving. When he's not doing 3D, he's either playing video games or making digital art - but mostly he's just playing videogames.

Favorite Games
Rainbow Six Siege · Deadbolt · Risk of Rain
Don't Starve · Outward · Cave Story · League of Legends


3D Artist

As a 3D Artist at Brutiful Games. Arvin is responsible for create game assets that gives color and life to the grey prototype. When he is not creating assets he usually play games and read comics. His favorite genres are RPG, MOBA and Management games.

Favorite Games
League of Legends · DOTA · Oxygen Not Included
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance · Resident Evil Series


Graphic / Web Designer

As a graphic designer at Brutiful Games, Justin is the one who takes mere words and images and transforms them into a visual experience that makes your eyes tear up with joy. When he is not designing, he is usually gaming or watching one of his favorite films from his extensive home movie collection.

Favorite Games
Gears of War series · Resident Evil Series · Doom Series
Super Smash Bros. Series · Dead Space Series